Work out hard for 20 seconds

Rest for 10 seconds

Complete 8 rounds

It is a class of will power and endurance.Make sure you are giving it your all to get the most benefits. The moves in each class make sure to target all areas of your body and the class is never repetitive!



The  six  Pilates  principles  are  centering,  control,  flow ,   breathe ,   precision,

and concentration. This form of exercise emphasizes the balanced development

of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient,

graceful movement.



Not only is the class fun, but it  also  challenges  your  body  in  ways

you have never considered. Because the water allows for zero gravity,

you can do moves similar in intensity level to those on land, without

the added stress on the joints.



A   cross  between  running  and   weights  –  carefully  choreographed  to  cover  each  part  of  your   body.

The effort you put into  this  class  is  not  just  for  the  class  itself  as  your  metabolism  gets  a  boost  and

you keep burning calories even when the class  is  over.  High  intensity  workouts  incorporating   different

aspects of boot camp. 45 minutes of exertion that will help you discover your mental and physical potential.

These sessions are designed to both tone your body and sculpt your muscles.

Find your escape in the lights, music and energy of each session and burn between 500 – 1000 calories!



Group training using mostly your  own body weight  to  build  strength  and  endurance.

These classes focus on the three fundamentals of training – cardio, strength and  agility.

Targeting muscles throughout your body rather than equipment based exercises,  which

targets a single muscle group at a time. More intense and more fun than your traditional

gym workouts and burns a serious amount of calories!



RE-Peat(high reps) is a 60-minute resistance workout that uses a  barbell with very  light  weight  and  high reps.

The combination of light weight and high weight repetition is to exhaust your  muscles so you  don’t  get

bulky, you just strengthen and tone. During the workout, you go through five or six specific exercises, in

different combinations and end up completing several reps in 60 minutes.

RE-Peat class results in after burn effect,  shaping  and toning  your  entire body, increasing your core

strength and improving bone health.



This method of suspension training is a great way to improve mobility and stability,

increase metabolic results, build lean muscle, and develop functional strength.



A  RE-Combo(barbell complex) is  a  type  of  strength  circuit  where  you  complete  multiple  sets  for  2  rounds.

Using a barbell with heavy weights back to back with no rest and without the bar touching the ground.

After completing 2 Rounds it is required to leave the bar and practice active break moves such as: abs,

cardio etc. There is a 2 min break between rounds.

This will improve your cardiovascular  capacity  without  doing  cardio,  increase  muscular  endurance,

create after burn effect and burn significant calories!



A fully charged  workout  routine  that  mixes  cardio  and  strength  training.

You will be switching through several stations with minimal breaks targeting

different muscle groups.

It focuses on improving your muscle strength, your endurance and your cardio!


YOGAThis style incorporates elements from all schools of yoga. You will  push   the   limits

of your strength, flexibility, and balance with Vinyasa yoga. This “no rules” approach

to yoga means you will never fall into the slump that can set in  when  you  repeat the

same routine over and over.