Terms & Conditions


Between RE and members

Services Provided: RE obligations hereunder and the Member’s membership are conditioned upon:

(1) Member executing this Agreement and initializing as designated,

(2) Member executing a Release in the form provided by RE,

(3) Member otherwise complying with this Agreement (including, without limitation, the Rules defined below) For purposes of the foregoing conditions,

The term “member” shall include each individual included in the membership. Conditioned on the foregoing, operating hours, as established from time to time, and participate in any one or more group classes offered by RE from time to time.

RE may alter its location, operating hours, type and quantity of equipment, and type and frequency of its classes from time to time in its sole discretion. Fitness training is an evolving science. Thus, RE reserves the right to change its routines, classes, and equipment to accommodate such evolution.


Membership: Payment

Member hereby subscribes for the following type of membership and classes packages (Check all that apply):

_____3 months

_____ 6 months

_____12 months membership

_____3 months corporate

_____ 6 months corporate

_____12 months membership corporate

_____ 12 Sessions PT individual

_____ 12 Sessions Group PT

_____ 24 Sessions PT

_____ 24 Sessions Group PT

_____ 1 class

_____ 5 classes

_____ 10 classes

_____ 12 classes

_____ 15 classes

_____ 24 classes

_____ Pool package


Compliance with Rules: Member shall abide by all membership and facility rules and regulations established by RE, which may be posted at the facility, provided in writing, or issued orally and which may be amended from time to time in the sole discretion of RE (collectively, “Rules”). I agree that improper or unauthorized use of the facility or violation of the Rules may result in member suspension or cancellation at RE discretion.

  • “The RE” facilities should be used in accordance with the gym etiquette displayed.
  • “The RE” reserves the right to make changes to the facilities programming. Specific activities within our sites, such as boot camp, functional training rooms, will at times be unavailable for the general use of classes or courses taking place, such times will be advertised in advance.
  • “The RE” endeavor to ensure all facilities, classes, and equipment are available during the advertised opening times. However, occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, facilities or equipment may be unavailable or classes canceled. These circumstances have been calculated within the membership fees.
  • The minimum age for membership to “The RE is 16 years.


  • The management reserves the right to terminate or temporarily suspend the membership of any member breaching rules and regulations, or for any other reason, the management team deems appropriate.
  • During the suspension, the member will continue to be charged membership fees.

Introduction & Freestyle

  • All gym users are required to attend a gym introduction. However, experienced gym users are not required for an introduction if they do not deem it necessary.

General Information

  • No food or drink may be brought into and consumed within “The RE” sites with the exception of drinking water, or with permission from the management.
  • Anything you purchase from the gym canteen, however, is allowed to be consumed within the gym grounds.


  •  Frozen Payments

If the member has not closed her account after half her membership duration she will be recognized as frozen payment member and will not be allowed to use the gym facilities

Late Attendance for Personal Training sessions

  • If a member attended the session late up to 30 Minutes, the class will be held for the next 30 minutes, however, if the member is more than 30 minutes late the trainer has the right to cancel the session.

Cancellations for Personnel training sessions

  • If a member wanted to cancel Personal training sessions she should inform “The RE” GYM at least 12 hours before the session in order to consider this session as a freeze session otherwise the session will be considered taken. In extreme cases and urgent matters “The RE” can ask for any proof of that extreme matter and has the right to decide whether to accept it or not in order to postpone that session.

Cancellations & Money Refunds

  • No refunds will be provided for any membership, packages, and visits. It will still be valid until the last day of the validity.

Payment installment plan:

No installment plan will be provided for any membership, packages, and visits.

Account Freeze

  • For the 3 Months membership: a 2 weeks’ freeze is eligible.
  • For the 6 Months membership: a 1-month freeze is eligible
  • For the 12 Months membership: a 2 months’ freeze is eligible
  • For all kind of Pts: 2 sessions freeze is eligible

General: This Agreement, the Release and the Rules represent the complete understanding between Member and RE. No representations, written or oral, other than those contained in this contract are authorized or binding upon

•             RE. Member understands that /she is obligated to pay the membership fee regardless of whether the Member uses the facility. At the end of the term of this membership contract, it shall continue



•             I hereby acknowledge that I should consult with my physician before beginning any exercise program.

•             I certify that I am not aware of any medical condition which would render me unfit to participate in any exercise program and that I will inform RE immediately of any change in my medical condition.

•             I agree that if I experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, unusual fatigue, dizziness or fainting, or extreme pain, whether or not I am under the direct supervision of my trainer, I will immediately stop exercising and inform a representative of RE of my symptoms.

I understand and acknowledge that there are risks inherent in any exercise program including but not limited to heart attack, stroke, orthopedic injury, injuries caused by the use of exercise equipment and others. I am voluntarily participating in this training program with knowledge of the dangers involved, and I hereby agree to accept any and all risks of injury and verify this statement by placing my initials above.

___ for and in consideration of permitting me to participate in the program, i, for myself and for my heirs, beneficiaries, and personal representatives, hereby release and forever discharge RE and its directors, officers, members, managers, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, successors, and assigns (collectively, RE parties”), for any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, rights, actions, causes of action, expenses, and suits of any kind whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, for personal injury, damage to property, or otherwise resulting from my participation in the program and/or the acts or omissions of any of RE parties, including any and all negligent acts, whether active or passive, irrespective of whether such injuries or damages occur during training or thereafter.

I certify that I have read and understood all of the terms of this agreement and agree to abide by all of the terms of this Agreement.

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